Welcome to the FABM Youth Webpage!

Don't let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say in the way yoy livem i your love your faith, and your purity. -1 Timothy 4:12

We are excited to feature a lace where teenagers can highlight the incredible musical gifts that God has given to them, a place where they can learn from and learn about one another, a place where they can study and live out the Work of God, a place where they can have fun and lay games, a place where they show all of us that they are not the future of the church but the church's present reality.

At The Conference for Church Musicians, students spend time in Bible study, exploring the history and grounds of Green Lake Conference Center, playing games, and of course providing beautiful and inspiring music through choir and handbells. Cindy and Rob White have been providing adult leadership for the youth participants since 2018, and bring a deep love for watching students grow in the love of Christ.

If you have questions about the time we spend together, our schedule, or what to expect, please reach out and we will share with you any information you need. We hope to spend a week with you this summer at The Conference for Church Musicians.

Rev. Robert & Cynthia White

Rev. Robert & Cynthia White will be our Youth Leaders for the Conference. Rob and Cindy have been married for 25 years and both are privileged to serve as ordained Pastors in the American Baptist Churches. After spending eight years serving together on a church staff in Lima, Ohio, Rob is currently the pastor of First Baptist Church Davenport, Iowa while Cindy subs in the local schools Both of them have a love for working with teenagers, and are most excited to have the opportunity to coordinate the youth ministry at the FABM week at Green Lake. Rob and Cindy have two kids: Ben is junior at Miami University and Abby is a senior at Davenport Central High School. Be sure to introduce yourself to them this summer: they look forward to becoming part of the FABM family!


Who helps lead the youth?

Pastors Cindy and Rob White have been the youth leaders since 2018. Both of them have a ton of experience working with students and a love to see them grow. In addition there are usually a few other college-age and adult helpers who assist with games, studies, and activities.

How many youth usually attend? Wat ages are they?

The youth section is open to students entering 7th/8th grade through graduated seniors. In recent years, between 20 and 30 youth have attended.

What exactly do you do all day?

The short answer: make beautiful music together! But we do so much more - in a typical day's schedule, you can expect to ear delicious food, play fun games, study the powerful Word of God, build lasting friendships explore God's beautiful creation and develop leadership skills. There's some free time each day if students want to take walks, rest, or visit the Country Store or Worldwide Gifts. We spend time each morning and afternoon in choir rehearsal, we participate in handbells, we do Bible study as a group, we play active games together, and we wind down in the evening by recapping the day and doing activities to tie up the day's lessons. The days are full but fun!

Where do the youth stay?

Youth are free to stay with their families if they choose but most youth stay at Lone Tree Lodge, which is only a few minutes' walk up the hill from the main conference grounds.

I've heard about "Secret Pals" - what is this?

Secret pals is a long-standing program that our students have enjoyed. Each youth will have an opportunity to write their name down on a slip of paper while checking in at the conference which we will then use to draw "secret pals" early in the week. Youth are encouraged to give their secret pal a small gift each day during the week, or a few times throughout the week. Gifts need not and should not be expensive (think: Dollar Store!). Examples of appropriate gifts are candy, small squirt guns (for outdoor use), silly putty, or fun and goofy toys. You'll have plenty of free time during the week to purchase more gifts on the grounds once you get to know your pal a bit better, but you're welcome to bring them all with you when you come. Secret pals are revealed Friday night as part of our closing activities.

Can my youth participate i some of the youth activities, but not all of them?

Sure. Of course we hope to have them for everything, but if students want to opt out of certain activities, we absolutely respect their decisions. However if students choose to be away from the group, an adult must be accountable for and know what their youth are doing at all times.

What should I bring?

Clothes: generally speaking, dress for the week is casual, but we strongly encourage youth to pack dress clothes for their final concert on Friday and the handbell concert on Thursday. It will be helpful to have comfortable shoes for walking and running and a swimsuit is always a good idea for the lake.

Instruments: If you need or want them. FABM provides some large percussion instruments for orchestra.

Youth will need toiletries for the week, but the conference center provides towels and bedding.

A little extra money is a good idea if the student want to go to the stores on the grounds to buy snacks or souvenirs.

Small gifts for Secret Pals. Any students that want to will be matched up with a secret pay for the week. Secret pals leave small gifts for one another at the end of each day and then are revealed to each other on Friday during closing activities.